Wednesday, 17 October 2012

15mm Body Bags

Finished these a while ago but only just got round to photographing them. These are from The Scene.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Awol Zombie Hunters

Found the shots of the missing Zombie hunters, both from The Scene. I finished these a couple of months ago but forgot to post them.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Afghani Taliban Command

These are the Britania miniatures I bought at the beginning of the summer, this will represent my command unit for Force on Force- the leader, spotter (with mobile phone), personal guard with ak47 and support weapon. The bases just need texturing.

Britannia Miniatures Afghan

Britannia Miniatures Afghan
I think this 15mm figure is from Critical Mass - I think I bought it in a pack from Recon at Pudsey last year.
I finished this during the summer but forgot to post the image. I intend to use him as some sort of commander for my Tomorrow Wars campaign - I guess he will be some sort of commander of the droids.

Finished another 19 droids, currently finishing the bases, this should see me right for the invasion forces.

Also finished these 2 zombie hunters for The Scene. Also finished a couple more but seem unable to find the photo's I took of them.

So currently on the painting card are the 19 15mm droids whose bases need finishing, 3  X 20mm gunners for the WW2 pack howitzer, 4 X 20mm Taliban, 2 X 15mm zombie hunters and a couple of 15mm Federal agents.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

English Archers

After on / off work for the past 2 years I have finally finished the last of the English archers for my English FOG Army.

Here are the shots of the 8 French Mob bases I finished last month - perfect target practice for the archers..

 These are from Donningtom Miniatures and I need to order another 20 figures (4 bases).

For the last couple of weekends I have been getting a couple of games of Tomorrows War - I'm trying to balance between my Duwburg Regiment and the Droids. First games I had the droids troop quality at 10 and the Duwburg troops at 8. The droids walked through the humans - which in a Falling Skies sort of way is probably correct but didn't give much of a game, even with the victory conditions tweaked in favour of the Duwburg the droids kept winning.

In games this weekend I dropped the droids TQ to 8 which seemed to give a more balanced game. I need to provide the humans with some heavy weapons.

Monday, 13 August 2012


First up Hovel miniatures 20mm farm house, just after taking the shot when carrying back into the house I dropped the roof section and chipped off a large section of the corner and chipped the bottom row of tiles - bah!!!


Next up my first 4 fire teams of the bots for Tomorrows War. The figures are Praesentia from Critical Mass Games.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Just finished...

Just finished these NAC figures from GZG. These are for my Tomorrows War forces. Although not many posts lately - darn real world stuff - I have manged to make some slow progress on my projects. After nearly a year on my painting desk the Hundred Years War peasants from Donnington  Miniatures are finally finished - there are 8 bases complete but need to order another 20 figures to make it up to 12 bases. I had photographed these but I think my camera is coming to the end of it's working life as most of the shots were blurred.

Hopefully I'll get some shots this weekend and add them.

Also completed are 16 of the Droids, previously posted here. Finished some of The Scene's Zombies in body bags plus some of the body bags.

Started on the last 6 bases of the Hundred Years English\Welsh Longbow.

I ordered a bunch of Afghans from Grubby / Britannia Miniatures that turned up last week, plus some extras that Andy had added because he'd been away when I placed the order, the order wasn't even overdue - that's great customer service.

As a recent returnee to wargaming I'm finding it very difficult to stay focused on one particular gaming project, I'm buying the figures but strugling to find time and the inclination to paint them - I'm spending more time looking at the pretty pictures in the rule books.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hovel 20mm & 15mm Buildings

 First up an addition to my 20mm farm buildings. This is the Derelict/ruined cart shed, from Hovels, a part of its 20mm Battleground range. Now working on the Farmhouse, once that's done will order some of the walls.

The next item completed is the 15mm Blacksmiths shop with stables, also from Hovels.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Normal service resumed

Got the lamp fixed.

Have finished a few more figures, the Bristish Force on force unit is nearly finished (all Britania Miniatures). I just need to find a .50  cal with gunner and assistant and a couple of figures for the spotters (MFC & JTC). The grass tufts are from tajima1 the service was excellent - ordered sunday received tuesday.

 Britania Miniatures - UK 16th Air Assault Brigade
The initial alien invasion race for Tomorrows War is now finished, all figures are from GZG. I've added 3 walkers with dual cannons.

Also finished a couple of flyers:

And finally finished the heavy walker.

And the whole squad together:

Also placed an order with Hovels for the 20mm farm house and out building. These turned up friday, I've already prepared and undercoated them.

I've added a new page to list my aims for this year and the progress I've made. I've also painted 14 strips of ECW musketeers for my Adwalton project - these need basing.

Next up, probably, a GZG 15mm module with air defence cannon.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Light Blown...

My modeling light has just given up the ghost. Ordered a new bulb from Amazon which should be here in a couple of days.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Outposts : Donovan Wylie

Went to the National Media Museum in Bradford today to see the Outpost exhibition. The exhibition covers Donovan's work initially done in Northern Ireland (The Maze and British Watchtowers). The main reason for my visit was the Outpost series. These are images of miliatary bases in Khandahar, Afghanistan, such as FOB Ma'sum Ghar. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and it's given me plenty of ideas for scenery and scenarios.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A change of tac...

Thought I'd have a go at some 25/28mm. Wanted to try something simple to start with and dug out this wolf, think it's a Citadel model from the 80's, it was in a cardboard box on top of the wardrobe covered in dust.


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tomorrows War - Droids

These are from Critical Mass Games, part of the The Praesentia range. I intend to use them as the droid infantary - slightly reminiscent of the Star Wars droids. Based up 36 of these.

Also if I were to create a Japanese army for Tomorrows war I could use these - I think I might do these in bright colours.

Field Of Glory English Longbow

My second battle group of Longbow for the Crecy game. These figures are from Museum Miniatures.

First of the Bombards, also Museum Miniatures.

Monday, 2 January 2012