Sunday, 12 February 2012

Normal service resumed

Got the lamp fixed.

Have finished a few more figures, the Bristish Force on force unit is nearly finished (all Britania Miniatures). I just need to find a .50  cal with gunner and assistant and a couple of figures for the spotters (MFC & JTC). The grass tufts are from tajima1 the service was excellent - ordered sunday received tuesday.

 Britania Miniatures - UK 16th Air Assault Brigade
The initial alien invasion race for Tomorrows War is now finished, all figures are from GZG. I've added 3 walkers with dual cannons.

Also finished a couple of flyers:

And finally finished the heavy walker.

And the whole squad together:

Also placed an order with Hovels for the 20mm farm house and out building. These turned up friday, I've already prepared and undercoated them.

I've added a new page to list my aims for this year and the progress I've made. I've also painted 14 strips of ECW musketeers for my Adwalton project - these need basing.

Next up, probably, a GZG 15mm module with air defence cannon.