Thursday, 21 June 2012

Just finished...

Just finished these NAC figures from GZG. These are for my Tomorrows War forces. Although not many posts lately - darn real world stuff - I have manged to make some slow progress on my projects. After nearly a year on my painting desk the Hundred Years War peasants from Donnington  Miniatures are finally finished - there are 8 bases complete but need to order another 20 figures to make it up to 12 bases. I had photographed these but I think my camera is coming to the end of it's working life as most of the shots were blurred.

Hopefully I'll get some shots this weekend and add them.

Also completed are 16 of the Droids, previously posted here. Finished some of The Scene's Zombies in body bags plus some of the body bags.

Started on the last 6 bases of the Hundred Years English\Welsh Longbow.

I ordered a bunch of Afghans from Grubby / Britannia Miniatures that turned up last week, plus some extras that Andy had added because he'd been away when I placed the order, the order wasn't even overdue - that's great customer service.

As a recent returnee to wargaming I'm finding it very difficult to stay focused on one particular gaming project, I'm buying the figures but strugling to find time and the inclination to paint them - I'm spending more time looking at the pretty pictures in the rule books.