Tuesday, 14 August 2012

English Archers

After on / off work for the past 2 years I have finally finished the last of the English archers for my English FOG Army.

Here are the shots of the 8 French Mob bases I finished last month - perfect target practice for the archers..

 These are from Donningtom Miniatures and I need to order another 20 figures (4 bases).

For the last couple of weekends I have been getting a couple of games of Tomorrows War - I'm trying to balance between my Duwburg Regiment and the Droids. First games I had the droids troop quality at 10 and the Duwburg troops at 8. The droids walked through the humans - which in a Falling Skies sort of way is probably correct but didn't give much of a game, even with the victory conditions tweaked in favour of the Duwburg the droids kept winning.

In games this weekend I dropped the droids TQ to 8 which seemed to give a more balanced game. I need to provide the humans with some heavy weapons.

Monday, 13 August 2012


First up Hovel miniatures 20mm farm house, just after taking the shot when carrying back into the house I dropped the roof section and chipped off a large section of the corner and chipped the bottom row of tiles - bah!!!


Next up my first 4 fire teams of the bots for Tomorrows War. The figures are Praesentia from Critical Mass Games.