Sunday, 17 April 2011

Towton 2011 - 550th Anniversary

Went along to Towton today to see what was happening. I was impressed by the setup. It was well sign posted and there was plenty of free parking. The £2 entry fee was well worth it just for the guided tour by Julian Humphrys.

Wargaming wise there was a display in the barn by the Sheffield and Rotherham Wargamers - using the Impetus rules. Me and the boy spent a few minutes watching the archers from both sides advance and fire.

As usual the re-enactors were happy to answer any questions (probably for the umpteenth time that hour!). The displays were excellent as were the commentaries that went with them. A lot more images here

Towton 2011
Towton 2011

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Force On Force

Really enjoying reading the rules. I sort of like the idea of the simple 4+ die rolls, but have had to place a large order for d10, d8 & d12 dice - ebay has made some money out of me today!! You need at least 10 of each to make things easy.

I've prepared all the Mars figures for painting and also based them all (20mm X 20mm X 2mm MDF bases). I've undercoated 15 of the U.S. troopers and started painting 10 of them.

So far painted the uniforms. Not too sure about the shade and the amount of brown. Need to add the camo to the body armour and add hilites to the weapons and then shade.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

20mm 101st Airborne

Finished the 60mm Mortar base. Another set of figures from the Kelly's Heroes range from Grubby Tanks.

Force On Force

Well the rules are here and after only a very brief look through they look very good. Going to sit down with a cup of coffee and plough my way through them.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Force On Force

Here are the Modern US Soldiers produced by a company called Mars. You get 30 figures for £3.99. There are 15 different poses spread across 2 sprues, there are 4 sprues in total. Think these will do nicely to start my Force on Force units.

Modern US Army (Ref: 72003)


And here are the Mars Mujahideen (ref: 72002)- 40 figures + 4 X M40A1 recoiless rifles


20mm 101st Airborne

Few more pieces for my 101st Airborne force. First up .30 cal there are 3 of these one for each company.

3 companies of 1st battalion, 502nd PIR with 1 X .30 cal (should be 3).

Force On Force Update

Got an email from Amazon this morning saying the rules were going to be late in arriving and weren't sure when they were going to be delivered. Boo !!!

Got home this evening and have recieved another email from Amazon telling me the item is in stock and has been despatched - should have the rules by tomorrow... Yey!!!

On the down side it means I have to get a move on painting those figures, building the humvees and building terrain.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Medieval Mounted Knights

Some Museum Miniatures' mounted knights.

Museum Miniature Archers.

The archers are for a psuedo English force and the mounted knights above are for the oposing 'French' force. Using FOG rules I hope to re-fight the battle of Crecy this year - usual thing though other new interesting projects get in the way...

According to Amazon the new Force on Force rules should be despatched today with delivery for tomorrow, so I'll need to get those US & Mujahideen forces painted.