Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Afghani Taliban Command

These are the Britania miniatures I bought at the beginning of the summer, this will represent my command unit for Force on Force- the leader, spotter (with mobile phone), personal guard with ak47 and support weapon. The bases just need texturing.

Britannia Miniatures Afghan

Britannia Miniatures Afghan
I think this 15mm figure is from Critical Mass - I think I bought it in a pack from Recon at Pudsey last year.
I finished this during the summer but forgot to post the image. I intend to use him as some sort of commander for my Tomorrow Wars campaign - I guess he will be some sort of commander of the droids.

Finished another 19 droids, currently finishing the bases, this should see me right for the invasion forces.

Also finished these 2 zombie hunters for The Scene. Also finished a couple more but seem unable to find the photo's I took of them.

So currently on the painting card are the 19 15mm droids whose bases need finishing, 3  X 20mm gunners for the WW2 pack howitzer, 4 X 20mm Taliban, 2 X 15mm zombie hunters and a couple of 15mm Federal agents.