Friday, 30 December 2011

20mm Hovel Buildings

Got these buildings at Vapnartak at the begining of the year and painted them during the summer.

These are the Pigeonnier with detachable roof with stone steps to second floor (29B) and small ruined farm out building (28B), you can find them here

These are Damaged machine Gun/Obsevation bunker with detachable roof (32B).

Force On Force - Iraqi Forces

Got these miniatures from Elheim. These are lovely sculpts I enjoy painting figures from Elheim.

First up Iraqi Army.

The uniforms look a bit bright under the flash.

Next up the Fedayeen.

Force on Force - US Troops

My US troops for Force on Force - however I made the school boy error of painting the Starts & Stripes patch in colour rather than the grey/black patches issued. I was going to overpaint them but decided I liked them - one thing I'm not is a button counter.

These are the Mars figures that I presented back in April part finished. They've had a couple of outings.

6mm English Civil War Test Pieces

Couple of test pieces. Wanted to see how they'd look based up. Started work on the musket stands. Looking to do Adwalton Moor - initialy the skirmish around Westgate Hill / Faifax Hill when the oposing Forlorn Hopes skirmish.

Tomorrows War

Some GZG New Anglian Confederation figures. I'm going to use these to represent a Papal force - still trying to come up with a name for the regiment, looking for a Pope or saints name. These are going to go up against a robot force when the Church's colonists end up on a world already claimed by an alien race. I have lots of ideas for this, depending on the outcome of the initial battle.

GZG Barrels

 GZG Robots

 Fetch boy.. fetch!!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Siege At Musa Qala pt1

Figures for Force on Force's Enduring Freedom scenario Siege at Musa Qala DC.

Brittania Miniatures

UKF15…2 man sniper team kneeling firing

UKF04…Private running with SA80

UKF02…Private firing SA80
Next up some 15mm GZG New Anglian Confederation for Tomorrows War

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Towton 2011 - 550th Anniversary

Went along to Towton today to see what was happening. I was impressed by the setup. It was well sign posted and there was plenty of free parking. The £2 entry fee was well worth it just for the guided tour by Julian Humphrys.

Wargaming wise there was a display in the barn by the Sheffield and Rotherham Wargamers - using the Impetus rules. Me and the boy spent a few minutes watching the archers from both sides advance and fire.

As usual the re-enactors were happy to answer any questions (probably for the umpteenth time that hour!). The displays were excellent as were the commentaries that went with them. A lot more images here

Towton 2011
Towton 2011

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Force On Force

Really enjoying reading the rules. I sort of like the idea of the simple 4+ die rolls, but have had to place a large order for d10, d8 & d12 dice - ebay has made some money out of me today!! You need at least 10 of each to make things easy.

I've prepared all the Mars figures for painting and also based them all (20mm X 20mm X 2mm MDF bases). I've undercoated 15 of the U.S. troopers and started painting 10 of them.

So far painted the uniforms. Not too sure about the shade and the amount of brown. Need to add the camo to the body armour and add hilites to the weapons and then shade.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

20mm 101st Airborne

Finished the 60mm Mortar base. Another set of figures from the Kelly's Heroes range from Grubby Tanks.

Force On Force

Well the rules are here and after only a very brief look through they look very good. Going to sit down with a cup of coffee and plough my way through them.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Force On Force

Here are the Modern US Soldiers produced by a company called Mars. You get 30 figures for £3.99. There are 15 different poses spread across 2 sprues, there are 4 sprues in total. Think these will do nicely to start my Force on Force units.

Modern US Army (Ref: 72003)


And here are the Mars Mujahideen (ref: 72002)- 40 figures + 4 X M40A1 recoiless rifles


20mm 101st Airborne

Few more pieces for my 101st Airborne force. First up .30 cal there are 3 of these one for each company.

3 companies of 1st battalion, 502nd PIR with 1 X .30 cal (should be 3).

Force On Force Update

Got an email from Amazon this morning saying the rules were going to be late in arriving and weren't sure when they were going to be delivered. Boo !!!

Got home this evening and have recieved another email from Amazon telling me the item is in stock and has been despatched - should have the rules by tomorrow... Yey!!!

On the down side it means I have to get a move on painting those figures, building the humvees and building terrain.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Medieval Mounted Knights

Some Museum Miniatures' mounted knights.

Museum Miniature Archers.

The archers are for a psuedo English force and the mounted knights above are for the oposing 'French' force. Using FOG rules I hope to re-fight the battle of Crecy this year - usual thing though other new interesting projects get in the way...

According to Amazon the new Force on Force rules should be despatched today with delivery for tomorrow, so I'll need to get those US & Mujahideen forces painted.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Little Inkerman

Well the final pieces for the Little Inkerman project turned up on monday - just in time as I'd finished painting and basing the remaining Russian. These new pieces have been based and will get a daub of paint later today. Pictures of progress so far are here.

Also been spending on Amazon, suddenley got an interest in the English Civil War particularly the Battle for Adwalton Moor - originaly came across this battle at a local renactment day, so I've ordered a couple of books on the subject. Some shots of the re-enactment I took in 2009 - a lot more photo's here.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

1/72 HMMWV

Bought the Revel HMMWV 1/72nd set. Contains 2 models - an ammunition carrier and the cargo troop carrier. Continued to paint the U.S. moderns and added some more colour to the 15mm archers and welsh spearmen.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

New Order Placed

Placed my order with Irregular Miniatures for the remaining Russian & British Crimean pieces for Inkerman. Nearly finshed another 40 bases of the Russian - just the flags to finish, give the minatures a gloss and paint the bases (sounds like a lot when I type it - but that's the beauty of 2mm only half an hours work).

Finished basing some 15mm Museum Miniatures' Medieval Lancers for my Storm of Arrows army.

Also finished the 15mm Special forces figures to do battle with the zombies...

Bought some 1/72 plastic (Mars). Modern U.S. Soldiers & Mujahideen at the weekend for Force on Force. The figure detail is quite good but there is a lot of flash to clean up. But at only £3.99 for 30 U.S. Troops and £4.99 for 40 Mujahideen I don't think I can complain - plus I don't think there are any unusable models in either set. Started painting the U.S. - not too sure I've got the colours right, looking to do the 2001 desert camo pattern used in Afghanistan.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

15mm Welsh Spearmen

Donnington "New Era" Welsh Spearmen. Picked these up at Vapnartak. Very nice figures, shame my painting doesn't do them justice :( Got another 4 bases to undercoat and paint.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Games Night

Turned up at the club last night a few games going on, Boer war, couple of DBA games and a 7 years war engaement.

Ian brought a long a copy of Worthington Games' Wars for America boardgame. The scenario played was Fort Duquesne - French and Indians (me) ambush a British column (Jim) escorting supplies as they close in on the French Fort ( ) . The game played well and the result fell to the French, the Indians being very effective picking off the British from the surrounding woods, the game outcome actually reflected the historical outcome - and I managed to pick off Washington.

Only gripes were the way unit strength is denoted by the value being printed in the corners and the unit rotated and flipped, if the counters are knocked it's easy to lose track of the units strength. Also the number of dice thrown to resolve combat remains the same however damaged the unit is. The thought was to replace the playing pieces with 6mm figures, the number of figures reflecting the unit strength.

Large Napoleonics game on Saturday - must remember to take the camera.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

2mm Crimean Armies

Ordered these 2mm Crimean armies at the end of last year from Irregular for use with the free Esprit de Corp rules I got from Miniature Wargames, I'm intending to fight the Little Inkerman scenario in MW 329.

First up the British - 5 battallions, still need 1 more batallion (8 bases) + 1 base to represent the Gaurds company.

British Command : Lacy Evans (C-in-C), Pennefather and Adams.

British Artillery:

Russian Battallions :  2 battallions & 2 companies out of 7 battallions. Already have 2 more battallions based waiting primer and paint, just the 3 X command and the 1 X Artillery to base, and then the final 32 bases to order then from Irregular.

Next up 15mm Donnington "New Era" Welsh Spear.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Force On Force

 Saw this game at York the other week and managed to have a flick through a sample copy and thought it looked interesting, placed my order with Amazon also preordered the Vietnam expansion which is due out October.

Zombie Nation

Finished basing the 15mm Zombies that I got for a couple of quid off ebay. Not particularly bloody zombies - more Scooby-Doo than Living Dead but these are for playing with the kids after all.

Next up for this game is a group of special ops - oh and to find a set of rules that I like.

20mm WW2 101st US Airborne

Finished the majority of the Battalion HQ, just the 81mm mortar to add. Based around Rapid Fires 502nd PIR.

502nd PIR HQ

Commander (Italeri)
HQ Aide (Italeri)

OP Team

OP Team Radio Operator (Kelly's Heroes)

1st Battalion Head Quarters

Kelly's Heroes CO
Kelly's Heroes Radio Operator

HQ Company

2 X Kelly's Hreoes Bazooka
1 X Kelly's Heroes 60mm Mortar
1 X 30 Cal MMG (Kelly's Heroes)