Friday, 30 December 2011

20mm Hovel Buildings

Got these buildings at Vapnartak at the begining of the year and painted them during the summer.

These are the Pigeonnier with detachable roof with stone steps to second floor (29B) and small ruined farm out building (28B), you can find them here

These are Damaged machine Gun/Obsevation bunker with detachable roof (32B).

Force On Force - Iraqi Forces

Got these miniatures from Elheim. These are lovely sculpts I enjoy painting figures from Elheim.

First up Iraqi Army.

The uniforms look a bit bright under the flash.

Next up the Fedayeen.

Force on Force - US Troops

My US troops for Force on Force - however I made the school boy error of painting the Starts & Stripes patch in colour rather than the grey/black patches issued. I was going to overpaint them but decided I liked them - one thing I'm not is a button counter.

These are the Mars figures that I presented back in April part finished. They've had a couple of outings.

6mm English Civil War Test Pieces

Couple of test pieces. Wanted to see how they'd look based up. Started work on the musket stands. Looking to do Adwalton Moor - initialy the skirmish around Westgate Hill / Faifax Hill when the oposing Forlorn Hopes skirmish.

Tomorrows War

Some GZG New Anglian Confederation figures. I'm going to use these to represent a Papal force - still trying to come up with a name for the regiment, looking for a Pope or saints name. These are going to go up against a robot force when the Church's colonists end up on a world already claimed by an alien race. I have lots of ideas for this, depending on the outcome of the initial battle.

GZG Barrels

 GZG Robots

 Fetch boy.. fetch!!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Siege At Musa Qala pt1

Figures for Force on Force's Enduring Freedom scenario Siege at Musa Qala DC.

Brittania Miniatures

UKF15…2 man sniper team kneeling firing

UKF04…Private running with SA80

UKF02…Private firing SA80
Next up some 15mm GZG New Anglian Confederation for Tomorrows War